® Security as a Service

With®, PKE offers a new form of security management, the infrastructure of which is provided completely via private or public networks. On site, only the sensors and cameras are installed and connected via encrypted connections to the central servers of a service.® is based on a highly secure software solution that provides all the functions of security management via a private or public cloud.


Solution For Professional Use® was developed for professional use in private and public institutions and for sovereign tasks with the highest demands on data protection. The system is multi-tiered and completely separates owners, providers and customers of the service. For customers, such as in the branch business, there is also the possibility to separate the monitoring in regions and locations and to customize access.

pericloud App® Data Security

In order to counter prejudice against cloud solutions, special attention was paid to data protection and data security during the conception of the overall system. For® a protection concept was developed, which is oriented on the current attack possibilities on an IT infrastructure and with a multiplicity of Countermeasures offers the highest level of data security. The infrastructure is designed as a highly secured cloud solution in accordance with the BSI Guidelines for Secure Web Applications (ISiS) and Cryptographic Algorithms (TS-02102).

pericloud Data Security® Privacy Policy

Privacy is the foundation of professional video surveillance. Both the legal regulations as well as further requirements, which mostly arise in the operational or sovereign environment, have to be fulfilled completely.® offers a variety of protective measures, which are individually adapted to the respective requirements of video surveillance.

An essential feature of the® solution is the separation of the administration from the user data. Neither the operator nor the service provider of the infrastructure have access to the video surveillance of the respective customers. Even the customers’ administrators do not have rights to view the video data. Video surveillance is exclusively accessed via separate user accounts that are permanently or temporarily created for the customer or external service providers, such as a control center or sovereign access.

Also, when setting up the video cameras using the® app, there is only access to the image until the source is set up and logged in for the customer. From this point on, only the customer can grant a technician access to the video data. Another outstanding feature of the® solution is the compliance of the infrastructure with the BSI Common Criteria Protection Profile Video (BSI-PP-0023-2007).® WEB Workstations® supports WEB browsers and native Windows workstations. While the WEB browsers are mostly used in the monitored locations, the Windows systems are particularly suitable for use in control centers.

The WEB-Browser Client offers all essential functions of a video surveillance system. Depending on the logged in user account, access is only available to the local cameras, but can also be done on selected cameras of the entire system.

The client offers the live view, the archive search, the export of single pictures and sequences as well as the access to the message management.

For the greatest possible security of the WEB browser workstations, the use of additional plugins and cookies was waived and only HTML5 and JAVA Script were used.

The clients can be run directly on current browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari and all common operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.® Windows Workstations

The native Windows workstations provide full access to the customer’s entire system, including a site plan and GIS view. In addition, native workstations serve to build up hybrid surveillance systems that access both cloud cameras and a local infrastructure.